Q. Will my Medicare cover these services?
A. After your annual Medicare deductible is met, in most cases Medicare will pay 80%.

Q. Do you file my insurance for me?
A. Yes! We will file your Medicare and any other primary or supplemental insurance coverage that you may have.

Q. Do I need a doctor’s order?
A. Yes! A doctor’s order is required by State and Federal Law.

Q. Can you come to my family member’s home to do an X-Ray?
A. With a doctor’s order, whether the patient is at home or in a nursing home, our portable equipment is able to come bedside to do the X-Ray.

Q. What types of exams can Mobile X-Ray of Austin provide in my home?
A. Mobile X-Ray of Austin provides X-Rays for all body parts. Chest X-Rays are commonly used to diagnose pneumonia, infiltrate, congestive heart failure and other abnormalities. In case of a fall or injury; shoulder & arm, ribs or hip and pelvis exams along with legs and knees are done to rule out a possible fracture.