About Mobile X-Ray of Austin

Our Mission

Mobile X-Ray of Austin is dedicated to the highest
quality patient care for the elderly and disabled of our community.

What Mobile X-Ray of Austin Does

Mobile X-Ray of Austin has been serving Austin and surrounding areas since 1984. A locally owned company, we offer personalized service for you and your patients, and accept all insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid.

With a physician’s order, Mobile X-Ray of Austin provides bedside diagnostic Digital X-Ray, Ultrasound and EKG services to patients in hospice, nursing homes, psychiatric units, convalescent centers, surgery and rehab hospitals, retirement homes, and assisted living centers, along with serving home health agencies for homebound patients in private homes. Utilizing the latest medical technology, we travel to almost any patient location in our service area to provide immediate and accurate diagnostics — seven days a week.

Our top-of-the-line equipment and processes provide you with clear digital images that can be viewed instantly on a laptop. We can confirm on the spot whether or not we have a good image — significantly decreasing the time for results and stress on the patient — and we provide STAT reporting complete with phone call from staff. Physicians can view the images online through our PACS site, which also archives the images for future needs and a long-term history.

Medicare is requiring the use of all-digital equipment in the near future, but Mobile X-Ray of Austin has been 100% digital for many years. This means our technologists are knowledgeable and already up-to-speed on the latest equipment.

Mobile X-Ray of Austin Staff

Our technologists are held to high quality standards that include customer and patient satisfaction requirements. We employ highly skilled personnel with specific imaging and personality skill sets. They undergo extensive training on our systems, our processes, and on customer service. Mobile X-Ray of Austin is proud to employ people who are friendly, conscientious and caring. We understand that patients are feeling vulnerable and are often in pain when they need our services. Mobile X-Ray technologists are trained in ways to make them comfortable during their exams. Our goal is to put the patient first. We strive for excellence in customer service as well as imaging.

All Mobile X-Ray technologists are licensed by the State of Texas, have a combined total technologist experience that exceeds 80 years in radiology, and our employees are drug tested and have criminal background checks.

Our office and billing personnel are always here to assist you with any questions you may have. Whether it is a question about your Medicare, Medicaid, other insurance, or just general radiology questions, our staff is happy to help you.

As an owner-operated business, our company is focused on having satisfied clients. We are committed to providing patients and their physicians with superior service and communication.